Couple of months ago, the hospital took delivery of equipment that would enable us carry out various retina surgeries. This innovative development was flagged-off on 24th through 25th of May, 2019, with over 20 successful Retina surgeries and other accompanied cases performed by well competent and qualified Ophthalmologists.

Pre-Operative Surgical Session 1

Pre-Operative Surgical session 2

Intra-operative Surgical Session 1

Intra-operative Surgical Session 2

Intra-operative Surgical Session 3

First day Post-Operative Examination

Free Paediatric Surgery Sponsored by IGOCORP

  Ancilla Catholic Hospital Eye Centre Lagos has over the years evolved and gained international recognition through the acquisition of her state of the art Ultramodern Medical and Surgical Equipment, her team of repute and competent Ophthalmic Surgeons and...

Staff Training

In a bid to scale up the quality of service delivery that our patients recieve, the clinic has undertaken various trainings for various departments within the establishment in the course of this year. We have had a series of training sessions, some by facilitators...

Installation of Retina Surgery Equipment

In February, the clinic took delivery of equipment that would enable us carry out various retina surgeries; they include retinal detachment..... The equipments were installed and set up the same month, with the first surgeries scheduled to take off beginning from May...

Procurement of 33kV Transformer

The hospital concluded the process of procuring and installing a 33kV transformer to ensure that the hospital has uninterrupted power supply. This is to ensure that our surgeries are carried out uninterrupted and that our patients enjoy maximum comfort during thier...