Ancilla Catholic Hospital Eye Centre Lagos has over the years evolved and gained international recognition through the acquisition of her state of the art Ultramodern Medical and Surgical Equipment, her team of repute and competent Ophthalmic Surgeons and excellent support staff who daily demonstrate cutting edge skills and best client services

Consequent upon the aforementioned, The ANCILLA CATHOLIC HOSPITAL EYE CENTRE has enjoyed some sponsored surgeries for indigent patients who are financially incapacitated to bear the cost of Surgery and Medication. In the light of the above, the “IGOCORP”, a Non-Governmental Organization based in the USA offered to partner with us in carrying out free paediatric surgery for indigent children(patients)

The goal of the IGOCORP is to help and support children with impaired vision/ partial blindness regain their vision in order to have full and unhindered access to the best education obtainable. ANCILLA CATHOLIC HOSPITAL EYE CENTRE identified 25 children comprising the hospital regular and private patients that require urgent eye surgeries.

IGOCORP took responsibilities of their pre-surgery and post surgery bills. The outcome of these surgeries done
on July 9th 2019, was once again a huge success. Below are pictures of the patients who benefitted from this kind philantropic gestures of the “IGOCORP”


                          Interactive session

Addressing the Patients By IGOCORP Rep.

Pre-operative Examination

Anesthetic Session

Intra-Operative Surgical Session1

Intra-Operative Surgical Session2

Padding the Surgery Eye

After Surgery